"Reality Remix"
Revolutions in the Arts: Change-making with mixed reality, holographic computing, 3D printing & A.I..

IMC Lab + Gallery 340 East 64th street, New York, NY 10065
October 25 – December 3, 2019 Opening Reception Friday, October 25, 6-8pm

IMC Lab is pleased to present, “Reality Remix”, an interactive multimedia exhibit of artifacts from the near future, including radical new art & technologies highlighting the latest revolutions in painting, sculpting, holographic computing, neuroscience, VR, AR, mixed reality arts & A.I..

Enter a new era in which passive viewers become active participants, empowered to remix reality & shift perception itself. Through new art & technologies akin to super powers, the gallery, the city & the world itself becomes your collective canvas. The entire gallery will be filled with new work & maker tools which participants can touch, move & interact with, including never seen before VR/AR apps, multisensory installations & immersive art that stretch the imagination & transport you to fantastic holographic experiences where collective creativity thrives.

This show highlights artists, engineers & inventors from all over the globe who blend traditional mediums with powerful mixed reality (XR) maker tools, brain interfaces, 3D printing & AI art that vastly augment collaborative creativity via interdisciplinary mixed media & multicultural visions of future civil society. Their work highlights innovations in collaborative creativity, revealing tidal shifts in social & cultural consciousness in which our identities & modes of making, our public spaces & discourse are greatly expanded: growing far more open, inclusive & remixable.

Future Modes of Expression
In stark contrast with traditional artistic practices & maker tools including PCs & mobile apps that severely restrict us physically & socially, the immersive spaces & collaboration tools of the future will encourage richer modes of expression. Our most ancient mediums, painting & sculpture, are transforming & being transformed by innovations in XR & A.I.. As we break free of isolating screens & antisocial apps, our culture shifting to invite greater public participation & increasingly blurring virtual & real, future generations will be liberated by spatial computing, wearables, multisensory immersion & interactive cities filled with the public’s art & ideas.

Artists & Inventors
Artists Josef Albers, Scott Draves, Colby Cannon, Colleen Flanigan, Vince Frasier, David Kagan, Oogum Leftfoot, Henri Matisse, Richard Prince, Carrie Elston Tunick & James A. Tunick explore the convergence of art & technology, viewer & artwork, new & old media in VR/augmented reality apps like Paint-AR, brain wave art like MedaVRse, 3D scanning & 3D printing tools like 3Dskan, A.I. driven art, underwater sculpture that grows coral, & collaborative immersive environments like the Holodec. This group of artists & inventors imagine a future in which art making, storytelling & humanity itself undergo radical changes; where screens disappear, & new art forms, multisensory holograms & smart spaces empower far richer forms of collective creativity.

Artworks, Apps & Interactive Experiences
Download the Paint-AR app here to get your own maker tools. Be part of the show by painting, sculpting & adding holograms to the gallery, share with friends & event 3D print your creation.

Experience the Holodec; part classroom of the future, part “spaceship of the imagination”, an immersive XR environment envisioning future computers as smart spaces.

Try on your friend’s face, puppet politicians & make funny avatars with MaskAR.

Explore new techniques in photogrammetry & 3D printing with 3Dskan.

Visualize & sonify your brain waves & meditation states with MedaVRse.

Fly like a bird, swim like a fish & see the Marianis Trench with SwmFly.

Explore edgy political art, underwater art & video art of declassified nuclear bomb footage.

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