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3Dskan allows you to convert short cell phone videos into detailed 3D models for use in your video games, VR apps & 3D printing, leveraging new techniques in AI & photogrammetry.

Ars Electronica

Ars Electronica, the preeminent media art museum + research institution on the planet, featured our work, City of the Future, in their exhibition, The World in 100 Years.


EmpathyOS is a mixed reality operating system for big audience participation in immersive experiences.

Multiple AI driven interfaces provide a live 360 layer of customizable input for planetariums, theaters, lecture halls & art exhibitions.

Middleware & cloud software connect audiences & performers to realtime immersive FX.


We gave a Google Talk at Google, Inc. in NYC which can be viewed at the link below.

We also showed our interactive installation, City of the Future, featuring Eric Schmidt, in Google's NYC offices in 'Digital Art @ Google: We Write This to You From the Distant Future'.


Enter the spaceship of the imagination & explore the classroom of the future.

Holodec Is an immersive mixed reality environment reimagining computers as smart spaces. Inviting new forms of collaboration & group expression, Holodec envisions classrooms & offices of the future as spaceships of the imagination.


MedaVRse is a meditation app that turns your brain activity into live audiovisual biofeedback.

Visualize & sonify your brain waves & meditation states.

Download the free MedaVRse app for free for Mac or PC from TheIMCLab.com/medavrse & connect your Muse EEG brain reader ($150 on Amazon)


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Powers of 10

Take a magic carpet ride into the infinite, traveling from string scale to cosmic scale.
See it on our Holodec XR environment.

Powers of 10 is an big data visualization app that allows you to travel the known universe, riding on a photon of light from string scale to cosmic scale, from brain to black hole. Inspired by the 1977 film of the same name, Powers of 10 is an immersive non-linear exploration of scientific, artistic & philosophical conceptions of cosmic interconnectedness.

VR Chat Live Music Performance

We hosted a live global music performance in VR Chat, using HTC Vives + our Holodec immersive environment, featuring DJs + electronic musicians from all over the globe.

Wired Magazine

IMC Lab+Gallery show featured by Wired Magazine online in article by Bruce Sterling: 'Masqueraders Are the Ancestors of Protestors in NY City.'

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