The Vanguard Lies In Exile


The Vanguard Lies In Exile
 Documentary and Music Video Screenings

Curated by Michael O'Donnell 

April 27 & 28
7 PM at the IMC Lab + Gallery


The IMC Lab + Gallery is pleased to present two evenings of Documentary and Music Videos, curated by Michael O'Donnell, on April 27 & 28 at 7 PM.

The works chosen for this screening series tell stories of those who have been forgotten and ignored, some having faced exile for decades, leaders of invisible vanguards and catalysts of future vanguards, some are their own vanguard. These dislocated figures would remain desperate and forgotten, if not for the filmmakers' dedication to bringing them to our consciousness.

In the music and videos of Dead Skeletons we experience displacement through profound metaphysical vertigo and an attendant confrontation with death and fear of death. Quoting a Tibetan text, they state that "the sign of the dissolution of earth into water is present, of water into fire, fire into wind, wind into consciousness."

Dietmar Post and Lucia Palacios' multi-award winning documentary The Monks: The Transatlantic Feedback tells an unknown story of societal abandonment met by five American GI's thrown into an alien culture emerging from its own catastrophe and destruction, in the ruins of Nazism and the cold war.  They fortify an aesthetic and avant-minimal Bauhaus template from it, which influenced the vanguard of every influential music scene emerging over the next four decades.

Dietmar and Lucia at Play Loud! present subtly composed live portraits of musicians who are legends and leaders of multiple genres.

In Roger Hayn's documentary we meet Bobby, in an economic and societal no man's land emblematic of his own nation's willful and malicious collapse and unstated caste system: marginalized, hounded, debt choked, bankrupt, refusing defeat and his own condemned status. He doesn't give up the indoctrinated "pursuit of happiness." He eviscerates the cliché, demonstrating a strength that has always seen the United States through its own manner of bankruptcies. He grasps at the celebrity lottery. 

In Ivalo Frank's documentary Open, exiles of their own madness are transported to a sort of penal colony in limbo amidst post-modern Europe. They face the risk of confinement and displacement in a no man's land, despite all carefully elucidated rights and treaties guaranteeing ones "humanity."

Sylwia Gorak, in her architectural and vocal performance videos searches for acoustical, spatial and psycho-geographic centers amidst the dislocation.



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