IMC Incubator + Apps

IMC Lab incubates companies & makes proprietary VR/AR apps, mixed reality (XR) systems, cloud & A.I. software.

We work with governments, United Nations, NGOs, architects & real estate, as well as developing our own apps for big data visualization, education & arts. 

Our work has been in museums, Times Square, NBA/MLB stadiums, Live Nation concerts & movie theaters across the globe. Our VR/AR apps, XR systems, cloud & A.I. software run on millions of mobile devices, Vive, Oculus, Gear & Hololens VR/AR headsets.

Research + Education

Co-Create Artist Residency, Collaborative Research & Interdisciplinary Educational Programs


Our multimedia R&D & educational programs include an artist + coder residency (Co-Create), collaborative projects & events on media art & design.


 - IMC Lab, founding member of NOM, invited to the Whitehouse, article in Maker Magazine . See the full article

 - Resident artists, Omer + Tal (OMTA) are featured in the Observer, discussing the recent controversy of their work 'We Live for Tomorrow'. See the full article

Co-Create Exhibit

Resident artists Omer & Tal Golan (OMTA) held a solo exhibit at IMC Lab + Gallery, featuring new media installations incorporating algorithmic painting, generative imaging, virtual sculpture playgrounds & digital ownership.

Co-Create Exhibit

"Ebb & Flow", is the stunning result of Dan Baker’s Co-Create residency at IMC, which pairs artists with technologists to create new media & socially conscious art.


Featuring a kinetic, data-driven installation environment: a network of floating sculptures, motors & pulleys, immersive visualizations & sonifications generated by the orbit of the moon & ebb & flow of the tide, also driven by the sounds & movements of people in the gallery space, & affected by live data from global weather buoys streamed to custom IoT electronics.