A.I. / Cloud


EmpathyOS is a mixed reality operating system for big audience participation in immersive experiences.

Multiple AI driven interfaces provide a live 360 layer of customizable input for planetariums, theaters, lecture halls & art exhibitions.

Middleware & cloud software connect audiences & performers to realtime immersive FX.


We gave a Google Talk at Google, Inc. in NYC which can be viewed at the link below.

We also showed our interactive installation, City of the Future, featuring Eric Schmidt, in Google's NYC offices in 'Digital Art @ Google: We Write This to You From the Distant Future'.


MedaVRse is a meditation app that turns your brain activity into live audiovisual biofeedback.

Visualize & sonify your brain waves & meditation states.

Download the free MedaVRse app for free for Mac or PC from TheIMCLab.com/medavrse & connect your Muse EEG brain reader ($150 on Amazon)


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New York Times

IMC Lab+Gallery show, Climate Art: New Ways of Seeing Data featured by NY Times


nVizz is a cloud platform for exploratory, collaborative search & discovery of real-time data streams & big data sets. Deep-dive topological visualizations of concept spaces as node graphs map semantic relationships between diverse media types, streams & databases. As a cloud-based immersive platform, nVizz engages multiple users in traversable data graphs & trees of knowledge, revealing actionable insights in data sets ranging from stock market streams & social graphs, to massive databases of images & videos.

Teach for America

We helped build the Web software, database & front-end for Teach For America's public facing Website & back-end content management system.

United Nations

We built cloud software for multiple United Nations projects in New York & in Kenya, including SIDSnet, a social platform & global community helping connect governments & small island developing states affected by climate change.

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