Daniel Baker

Creative Technologist Daniel Baker started out as a filmmaker and expanded into the world of fabrication, mixed media, projection design, and computer programming. His art contemplates the life cycle for organics and the intersection of the natural world with human detritus. He is also founder of Crysalys, a custom experience design agency that creates immersive technological environments.

Maria Michails

Maria Michails is a Canadian new media artist who works across sculpture, digital media, engineering and the sciences, creating human-powered installations that invite participation and inquiry into industrial and ecological processes.

Lana Z Porter & Channing Ritter

Lana Z Porter is a New York based designer, writer, and researcher. Channing Ritter is a Brooklyn-based designer and recent graduate of the Royal College of Art.

Colleen Flanigan

Colleen Flanigan works at the intersection of art, science, technology, and the environment. She is the first visual artist to be certified by the Global Coral Reef Alliance in Biorock® mineral accretion, a method for coral reef restoration that shares many metallurgical, electrical and chemical principles with her early jewelry and sculpture, which encompassed electroforming, casting, welding, surface patinas, and mixed media fabrication.

Karolina Sobecka

Karolina Sobecka works with animation, design, interactivity, computer games and other media and formats. Her work often engages public space and explores the way we interact with the world we create. Karolina received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her MFA from Calarts in Experimental Animation/Integrated Media. She has also studied and taught in the University of Washington's Digital Arts and Experimental Media PhD program.

Camille Seaman

Camille Seaman was born in 1969 to a Native American (Shinnecock tribe) father and African American mother. She graduated in 1992 from the State University of New York at Purchase, where she studied photography with Jan Groover and has since taken master workshops with Steve McCurry, Sebastiao Salgado, and Paul Fusco.

Nathalie Miebach

Nathalie Miebach explores the intersection of art and science by translating scientific data related to meteorology, ecology and oceanography into woven sculptures and musical scores/ performances. Her main method of data translation is that of basket weaving, which functions as a simple, tactile grid through which to interpret data into 3D space. Central to this work is her desire to explore the role visual and musical aesthetics play in the translation and understanding of complex scientific systems, such as weather.

Ursula Endlicher

Ursula Endlicher's work resides at the intersection of Internet art, performance, and multi-media installation. Since the mid 1990ies her practice has been bridging the gap between the World Wide Web and physical reality. She translates the structural compo- nents of networks––be they human-made or naturally occurring––into choreographies for performances, installations and objects.

Gerd Stern

Gerd Stern is a poet and multimedia artist with experience in both film and video.  He has published several books of poetry including “First Poems and Others” 1952,  “Afterimage” 1965, a serigraphed selection with drawings by David Weinrib “Conch Tales” in 1984, and a chap book “Fragmeants” in 2002. His oral history was published by the University of California (ROHO) Berkeley in 2002 and is available on line and in hard cover..

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