The IMC Lab + Gallery is a technology research lab and a multimedia art gallery with a focus on creative software tools and interactive art forms.  Our mission is to support artists and programmers by featuring their work in art shows, funding technology research, providing collaborative facilities for art-making, and finding commercial applications for new technologies. 

CO-CREATE is a new artist in residency program that pairs artists with technologists. The program offers fine artists/designers and software developers/engineers the opportunity to collaborate with each other leveraging each other’s skill sets in order to realize an idea. The ideal applicant will present a proposal for a project such as an installation, a software tool, a new media piece, or a commercial app.

For the course of the 6-month residency, the IMC Lab + Gallery provides residents access to technology, including computers, projectors, sound equipment, and space to explore the physical realization of the collaboration.  The residency will culminate in a 2 person show at the IMC Lab + Gallery showcasing the product of the collaboration.

By partnering artists with technologists, the IMC Lab + Gallery endeavors to facilitate the realization of creative projects that require a multitude of different skill sets. Our goal is to promote research and development of innovative technologies with applications in both the art and commercial worlds, with a particular interest in where these two worlds intersect.

Residencies run for 6 months 

Please submit all applications to Submission requirements are below.  

  • Contact information (Name, Address, E-mail, Phone Number)
  • Resume/CV
  • Link to Personal Site
  • 250 Word Proposal
  • Three examples of past work (JPEGs, MOV files, links to Vimeo/Youtube, AIFF and WAV sound files, websites)