Amit Greenberg was born and raised in Haifa, Israel, and began pursuing art in 2010 when he enrolled in California College of the Arts. Soon after enrolling, Amit found his piece “Cocoon Tree 1″ — a moss covered branch spelling out the sentiment “I wantto grow to be a tree” — featured alongside the likes of Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, and Ed Ruscha in a Sotheby’s Haiti benefit. He now works in Brooklyn, NY, his practice encompassing everything: ink on paper, watercolor, film, wire, photography, unspooled analog tape, moss-covered branches, and seven-day-old dirty dishes invaded by crews of tiny plastic toy models. His recent video “A Single Ceremony”, centered on a “singularity” ritual in which Greenberg ecstatically danced, shed layers of bird feather-esque tattered materials, and bled “concentrated thought” from the third eye into a symbolic milk offering. New work includes sculpture, multi-media and film pieces; other shows include appearances at Marlborough Gallery and SFMoMA’s Artist Gallery.

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