Luigi Colarullo is a multimedia artist, photographer, and music producer who recently moved to the United States from Italy. He has worked as a supervisor and composer for dozens of television shows, films, and stage productions for media corporations including BMG, Ariola, Sony Mediaset, and Rai. Colarullo lives and works in East Hampton, New York and Milan, Italy. Colarullo’s work in photography consists of fluid and dreamy images that are reminiscent of Abstract Expressionism and his ethereal musical world. All subjects of Colarullo’s works evoke a surrealistic, romantic and sensual feel that is accentuated by the perspective of the subjects, and create a powerful sensory experience. What is seen in Colarullo’s photography is an unadulterated abstraction that occurs naturally. Pulsating textures, colors, depth and fantasy are integral parts of the artist’s landscape. Every shot is focused to create a sense of intimacy with invisible and explosive emotions. In post-production, Colarullo operates as an impresario, personally manipulating every image, playing with colors, shadow, and dimension. Finally, every single element of the photograph is in balance and prominence. To complete the multimedia nature of the work (as operas), he composes music for every single show to create an atmosphere, where sounds, music and images live together.

b. Milan, Italy

Image: Luigi Colarullo, Metamorphosis, Film Still

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