Lana Z Porter is a New York based designer, writer, and researcher who completed her Master’s in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art in 2014. Previously, she studied cultural anthropology at University of Pennsylvania, where she focused on the social and spatial implications of digital technology, and has worked for clients such as Conservation International and NASA to help translate scientific data into accessible stories for web. Her current work blends anthropology, science, and technology to explore themes of memory, imagination, and social change.

Channing Ritter is a Brooklyn-based designer and recent graduate of the Royal College of Art. She splits her time between Lost Cause Inc, Bone & Black (industrial designer Martin Bone's agency), and working independently as her own design consultancy. Her work is based in interactive art and design direction, strategy, UX/UI, and writing. Channing's conceptual and critical works explore the future opportunities, paradoxes, and paradigms of a hyper-connected future. Digital self-perception and identity, sharing culture, and ubiquitous connectivity are ongoing themes in her work.

Lost Cause Inc
Every day, 500 million tweets disappear into the ether. Some of them could have been protests. Lost Cause Inc archives and revives “lost” protests by aggregating, filtering, and realizing tweets that use the hashtags #angry, #problems, and #stop. Somewhere between protest, critique, and service, Lost Cause Inc sees individual tweets as opportunities for civic action, taking each tweet seriously regardless of the subject matter. The trivial can become existential when given its due (Hankiss 2006).

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