Liza Béar is a New York-based writer, filmmaker and photographer. Most recently, her short films have been shown in "Big As Life", The Museum of Modern Art; Torpedo/Kunsthalle, Oslo; "Argument of the Eye", Union Docs, Brooklyn; "Subliminal Projects", Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles; Macka Art Gallery, Istanbul; and "Subconscious Society", ICA, London. Her film The Sheepdog and the Mayor was shown in Ingrid Dinter's "Bohemian Nights 1" and Barricade in "Bohemian Nights 2 & 3 ". A selection of her Occupy films, "Corporations Can't Cry", was screened last July at the Cinema Arts Center, Huntington, Long Island. She is a contributing editor in film at Bomb Magazine.

Image: Liza Béar, Bastille Day, Film Still

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