A mutlimedia art show curated by Atlanta's own Adrian "ZONE3" Sosebee


New York, New York – June 27, 2013 – The IMC Lab + Gallery and Adrian Sosebee are pleased to present “Freak Show”, opening on July 11. This will be Sosebee’s first solo show in New York and his second collaboration with The IMC Lab + Gallery. The exhibition will remain on view through August 31st.

Freak Show will exhibit the photography, video, fashion, and music of Freakstep records founder, Adrian “Zone3” Sosebee. Having started as a live VJ in the late 90’s, Sosebee’s art is like an assault on pop culture. His aesthetic mimics the fast pace of “TRAP”, which is a musical genre coming out of Atlanta, made popular by rap artists such as T.I. The sound is a mix between hip house and EDM/club music, with structural similarities to Dubstep. It is taking a variety of musical genres and mashing them together to create a new sound. Sosebee states that trap music “epitomizes what the Atlanta hustle is all about. Atlanta is a big drug center, and trap is about being in the cycle of selling drugs, or using drugs to buy more drugs. You're trapped in the lifestyle: selling drugs so you can afford clothing, or just get by.”

This exhibition will explore the idea of Trap from a visual perspective. What is Trap Art?

Drawing from pop culture and the Atlanta club scene, Sosebee had identified a caffeine-fueled, ADHD (as is the name of one of his label’s DJ’s) approach toward image-making, where the level of sampling, layering, and pace are extreme and emulate the often multi-directional approach toward media intake and output that we experience in the digital age. Browser windows with dozens of open tabs, hard drives full to the point of crashing, and media being shot out to thousands of people across multiple social media platforms with the press of a button are standard practice, and typical of the sensory onslaught exemplified by Sosebee’s constant image creation.

The art installations of the show are meant to mimic the futuristic trippy sensation of a live “EDM” Trap event. The Freakstep concept is based on individual expression through social media, and so in collaboration with The IMC Lab + Gallery, Sosebee will mix interactivity with Tumblr, Instagram, over 300 versions of the Freakstep logo, and downloadable mp3’s of the Freakstep sound. This event will be an art show of a musical genre, a taste of the Atlanta club scene, and a portrait of Adrian Sosebee’s multimedia approach toward image, sound, and idea generation.

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