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Please join us Thursday, July 26, for a special multimedia event supporting Haiti Circle of Friends. The Earthquake happened two and a half years ago, and to many of us that tragedy is a distant memory. Not so for the people of Haiti, who have had to endure incredible hardships in so many forms, the Earthquake being just one. Haiti Circle of Friends focuses on the most vulnerable - and the most resilient - victims of the Earthquake.

The children of HCoF will be attending the event virtually, via telepresence (electricity in Haiti permitting). You will be overwhelmed by their sweetness and warmth, their strong sense of fun, and their incredible need for the strong family structure that Haiti Circle of Friends provides. Without this organization these kids would truly be lost in the system, or lost completely.

The event will also feature a short exhibition of photographs and video artworks, as well as a silent auction. We structured this Haiti Circle of Friends Multimedia event so you can show your support for as little as $20, or pledge long term support at the $500 level, with many levels in between and the option to acquire art in support of HCoF. Please come, bring friends, and spread the word. You can play a part in Haiti Circle of Friend's work as well as in the future of Haiti!

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Haiti Circle of Friends Multimedia Fundraiser
July 26, 6.30-9.30PM
The IMC Lab + Gallery 56 W. 22nd St. 6th Floor
New York, NY 10010

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