JUNE 29, 2013
11AM - 6PM
Theory & Hands On
Workshop Cost: $100.00

This information-packed course explores core concepts, examples and techniques of the evolving world of Stereoscopic 3D. Learn the foundations, tools and skills on how to use this medium and create 3D content. You'll leave this class with clear understanding of the third dimension, and with your own beginning 3D projects.

Due to our binocular vision, stereo 3D is a natural evolution in visualization. Thanks to emerging 3D technologies, S3D is a rapidly growing market. 3D imaging has practical uses in numerous fields such as art, entertainment, science, medical, education and gaming.

Whether you’re new to 3D or you’re experienced but would like to enhance your 3D skills, this workshop will teach you the theory and practice of stereo imaging.
Special handouts and 3D glasses will be provided.Bring your own 3D equipment and designs if desired.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Prerequisite: No previous 3D knowledge required.
- recommended for Hands-on: PC or MAC laptop with Photoshop (free 30-day trial available here) or other image editing program
- camera (2D or 3D) recommended but not required.

Duration: 6 hours
-3 hours theory
-3 hours hands-on.

Workshop Cost: $100
A $25.00 non-refundable registration fee is required. The $25 goes towards the cost of the course. Student discounts are available, please email ellen@volumetric.org for information.

Topics Covered:

- What is Stereoscopy?
- Human/binocular vision and depth perception/cues
- Brief history of Stereoscopy
-EXAMPLES: images, videos, CGI, visuals, virtual reality, games, live 3D
- Glossary and Terms
- Interocular & Interaxial separation
- Parallax & Stereo base
- Convergence & Divergence
- 3D photography & video (Stereography)
- Computer-generated stereo
- The future of stereo 3D

Viewing and presenting 3D
- Side-by-side, above-below, page-flip, interlaced...
- Anaglyphs & Phantograms
- Active & Passive stereo
- Lenticular & Autostereoscopy (no-glasses stereo)
- Free viewing: cross-eye & parallel-eye- Stereo viewers

- Single-body 3D camera
- Stereo attachments
- Twin camera (two 2D cameras)
- 3D camera rigs & stereo bars

Workshop: Theory
- 3D shooting basics
- How to take 3D photos with any camera: slide bars & cha-cha method
- Parallel vs. Toe-in cameras
- The 1/30th Rule
- Hyper-stereo & Hypo-stereo
- DOs & DON’Ts
- Negative, Zero and Positive Parallax
- Stereo Window, Window Violations & Floating Window
- Think in 3D
- Tips for making best 3D photos
-Creative use of depth
- Make your 3D images pop
- Advanced 3D techniques

Workshop: Hands-on
- OK, let’s put theory into practice: shooting your own 3D pictures!

-Prepping images: manual vs. automated
- How to process 3D pictures in Photoshop or almost any photo editing software- How to process 3D pictures in StereoPhoto Maker- Corrections: alignment, rotation, keystone, magnification, cropping...- Save and organize 3D photos
- 3D picture formats: JPS, PNS, MPO
-How to shoot 3D movies
- 3D editing tools; Edius
- 3D video formats: MVC, AVCHD
- How to upload to YouTube 3D
-How to create 3D renderings and animations with virtual 3D cameras
Other Techniques:
-Adding 3D text and logos
- Composite 3D
Other 3D software

- Useful links
- Best places to post and share your 3D images and videos
- Best places for 3D competitions
- Recommended literature and further reading

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